Rabu, 10 Desember 2008

Shopping with Megah Indah Kerawang & Souvenir

We sell a wide range of interesting souvenirs such as:
1. Local handicrafts
Kain Kerawang and kain batik motif Bentenan are particularly designed to give an overall look of Manado charm. They are offered in a wide range of designs and colors to fit various customers’ needs for different occasions.
2. Bunaken T-shirts
We have at least 30 designs Bunaken T-shirt for adults and children are all ready for sale. New designs are frequently added into the collection.
3. Barong Tagalong Fabrics for men and women
Barong Tagalog fabrics are delicately made of banana fibers and pineapple fibers. These fabrics are very sophisticated and designed to compliment your rich taste and personality.
4. Barong Tagolong Men’s shirts
From the fit to the feel and appearance, this Barong Tagalog shirt has modern embroidery and expertly tailored in the finest Jusi fabric.
5. Souvenirs for birthdays, wedding, and other special events
A wide variety of souvenirs can be particularly ordered for special occasions, such engrafted wooden key chains, fans, t-shirts, kain kerawang, and more.
6. Accessories
We have a rich collection of accessories from different countries like Philippine, China, and Indonesia. These accessories are made from jades, fresh water pearls, sea shells, high quality black woods (kayu hitam), porcelains, and others.
7. Local snacks
There are quite a few local snacks to choose from, such as bagea katu, pala, kacang goyang, pia Gorontalo, sagu keju, bagea kacang, macron, halua kenari, and so on.